We are special

  • We have created unique model of insurance in Ukraine.
  • We completely abandoned the agents.
  • We do not distribute our clients' funds to bankers who requires bribes for accreditation.
  • There is no kickbacks to car dealers and dealers!

Our direct relationship with the client is a kind of club of true friends

  • First cooperation with us is exchange of positive emotions, not money.
  • More than half of our clients are people who came to us for recommendations
  • More than 80% of our clients continue to cooperate with us.
  • In case of accident, our help is a friendly help.

We are the fairest company in Ukraine

In addition, we do not distribute client money to resellers. We have also created a unique operating system. It allows you to spend minimal money on business.

Therefore, we pay more than 70% of all the money we receive from individuals.

We are unique. And you do not copy that

Therefore, our unique is the whole culture that we have been building for over 20 years!

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